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Film Phantom Detective (2016) Subtitle Indonesia

Download Film Phantom Detective (2016) Subtitle Indonesia

Film Phantom Detective (2016) Subtitle Indonesia

Hong Gil-Dong (Lee Je-Hoon) runs an unlawful investigator organization with President Hwang (Go Ara). They attempt to bring down fiendishness individuals taking after the will of President Hwang's late father. Hong Gil-Dong can track for all intents and purposes anybody down in a hour or less, aside from Kim Byeong-Duk (Park Geun-Hyung) who has escaped him for a long time. Kim Byeong-Duk is the man who murdered Hong Gil-Dong's mom. Hong Gil-Dong's memory starts at 8 years old when he was mother was slaughtered. At long last, Hong Gil-Dong learns of Kim Byeong-Duk's area and drives there late around evening time. Just before he arrives, Kim Byeong-Duk is grabbed and just his granddaughters Dong-Yi (Roh Jeong-Eui) and Mal-Soon (Kim Ha-Na) are cleared out. Taking after his inclination for reprisal, Hong Gil-Dong takes the granddaughters to discover their granddad. Before long, Hong Gil-Dong winds up against the ultra dull and intense Gwangeunhwe association.