Selasa, 02 Februari 2016

CaroO Pro (Dashcam & OBD) v3.1.0.05.apk

Market leading dashcam and eco-driving assistant with OBD!
Experience the stable background operation as well as no gaps between recorded files on Android 4.1 or higher devices!

Main features of CaroO Pro driving recorder are as follows:
- Supporting normal video recording as well as emergency video recording
- Adjusting storage space on external SD and internal memory
- Automatic deletion of old video files
- Supporting file recording mode and continuous recording mode (Android 4.1 or higher) with no recording gap
- 640x480, 720x480, 1280x720 and Full HD (1920x1080) video resolution (can be limited depending on phone capability and recording mode)
- Video quality and length setting (normal and emergency video respectively)
- Separate video caption files for storing driving data such as trip and location data
- 180 reverse mode video recording
- Focus and exposure control
- Emergency report via SMS, call and YouTube share
- Preview with overlay icons for driving status

- Car dashboard style UI for car monitoring
- Supporting ELM327 compatible Bluetooth OBD dongles
- Monitoring vehicle speed, RPM, battery voltage, coolant temperature and other sensor values
- Instant/average fuel efficiency, fuel consumption, trip time and distance
- Harsh acceleration/brake, idling, over-speed and fuel cut notification icons
- Four levels of eco-lamp
- Fuel efficiency adjustment

- Supporting Android Wear devices for displaying information and for controlling operation
- Automatic launch/termination option based on GPS speed, charging, OBD connection, and ignition status
- Unit settings for temperature, distance, volume, weight and fuel efficiency
- Registering quick launching apps for navigation and maps
- Trip statistics and summary
- Advanced floating panel for background operation
- Log sending button for solving issues and problems quickly
CaroO Pro (Dashcam & OBD) v3.1.0.05.apk